"The Online Math Tutor Guru"

Online Math Tutoring, ACT or SAT tutoring & webpage designing services are offered here by the Guru.

Math Tutoring done by a pro!

       Online math tutoring services will be provided promptly!


        Phone number = 559-744-3169


         Call or text to set up appointments


         Donations are accepted to help  assist students that need funding to                   support their tutoring services.  

         All Payments & donations are accepted at  

         I also accept payments on Chime.  
       On Chime type in 6143779808 in the "To" box to pay & donate as well.
       Thank you!




The Online Math Tutor  Guru provides tutoring for Algebra, Algebra Two, Calculus, Pre Calculus, Trigonometry, College Algebra, College Technical Math and so much more.  

Please contact 559-744-3169 for pricing.







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